When should we book?

This is my full-time business, and so we are generally able to be quite flexible with booking your shoot in. In spring to fall, it’s wedding season, so availability for family sessions generally falls to Sundays and weekday evenings. I highly recommend evenings for more dynamic light in your photos, but I understand that it doesn’t work for all little ones. If we need to book an earlier appointment to catch them at a better time of day, I have many shady locations that work well all day long.

When will we get our photos? 

Your proofs will come in about 7 days, and your final picks will be finished a 1-3 days after we receive them from you. If you aren’t able to pick favourites within 2 weeks of getting your proofs, we’ll help you with the selection to make sure you have our favourite printable photos in a timely fashion and you aren’t overlooked at a later date when we may have other major projects on the go. You are a high priority for us in the weeks after your shoot!

How does delivery work?

Besides weddings, all of your shoots are delivered via an online gallery host called Smugmug. Your unique link has all your downloadable files on it. You are welcome to share your link with anyone you like!

Where should I print? 

We’ve offered self-printing packages to our clients from the opening of our studio, because I truly believe it the best value for clients to be able to save and print and share their photos as soon as they get them and for forever. Printing companies are always changing, and you may have a personal favourite, but I recommend you check out these guys… they are Canadian, local, and make great prints.


I also print at Costco, if you are looking for a cheap and cheerful option for making lots of little prints!

Our current album maker is Zno and we’ve loved the quality of their highest end album.

This year, we also plan to start offering fine art canvases from a local print maker… stay tuned!

What should we wear? 

If you’d like some styling help, I recommend Google and Pinterest as a jumping off point (“style guide for family photos” is a great place to start). A few basic principles are:
– 2 or 3 colours in different tones make a great palette

– colours that you’d find in nature will have enduring appeal

– big logos are distracting

– bold prints are fun, but limit them to 1 garment and balance the rest with textures and solids

-we almost always do some walking on natural terrain, so consider the weather and your comfort level when choosing foot wear

– by all means, be a rule breaker… I want your photos to be as unique as you are!

A few more tips:

Make sure to eat a filling snack before your appointment and bring water. No one is happy when they are hungry!

Bug spray might be a necessity in Edmonton, in the summer, in the river valley.

Avoid sunblock for your appointment time for older children and adults (I’ll keep you in the shade anyways). It reflects all wavelengths of light and will alter appearance.

No transition lenses, unless you want dark shades in all your photos with glasses.

**RELAX!** Mental attitude is everything, so after the hustle of getting everyone to the session is over, let us worry about the rest for you!

What if I have to cancel?

We know life happens, and your deposit can be applied to 2 make up dates. After a third missed appointment, the booking is cancelled and a new deposit on a new booking would be required.

What if I’m unhappy with my pictures?

If you have concerns after receiving your proof album, we want to work with you to make sure you are thrilled with the final photos. This may be an editing issue or in extremely rare cases, a reshoot. If a young member of your family is having a terrible day and we aren’t able to find their smiles (2 to 4 year olds do have a bit of a reputation) you may be offered a reshoot right at the appointment, but we’ve always found that even through bad moods, something special is captured. If we find we are unable to serve your needs, a full reimbursement of your fee may be issued, but we encourage you to look through our extensive collection of client shoot posts, and if you like what you see, we are confident you’ll love your photos.



Rest assured, we will talk a lot through your consultation process and in the run up to the wedding, and so there might not be a great depth of information here, but you know you have my text number, and we’ll work out custom solutions for you! But here’s a few common questions that aren’t covered in your contract…


How long do I need for photos?

The answer is a little complicated, but if you want to skip to a quick answer, I ask for at least 1.5 hours of formal photo time, and then will come up with plans for as long as you’ll give me. It’s not hard to spend 3 hours taking photos at different locations.

The exact answer for you will depend on the timeline of your day, and that’s something we’ll go over extensively in your consultation. But remember to consider driving time, time to find parking, and time to take little breaks as people need. It’s a “bring a lunch” activity, especially since you probably didn’t eat much while you were getting ready.

Family photos generally take 30 minutes, but can go longer if it’s a big family or there are a lot of different pose combination requests. They go much more smoothly if everyone on your checklist knows they are supposed to be present, and you may even want to appoint a family member to communicate with their side of the family to make sure everyone is gathered.

What if it rains?

The good news is that in all the weddings I’ve shot, only one person had their wedding day totally, totally affected by pouring rain all day. In Alberta, the rain tends to come and go pretty quickly, and so we are usually able to work around it… party in the limo for an extra 15 minutes and then head outside and pack in photos a little faster than normal. Umbrellas are another good option for some fun party photos if the rain wants to keep up. A third option is a few sheltered photo spots there are around town like gazebos and porches. If you are concerned, the best option is to book an indoor location that you’d be happy using rain or shine… most good inside locations require booking at least a few weeks in advance, and charge fees ranging from $70 to $500.

Will you pose us?

I will make pose suggestions throughout your formal session and getting ready photos so you look great on camera, and we are taking advantage of the best light in the room. But people look happy and in love in their photos because we move beyond pure posing and into natural interaction… mostly with each other, and occasionally with me if I’m looking for your best smile, so be ready for a few bad jokes, and maybe a few thoughtful and genuinely emotional moments.

During the rest of the day, the best thing I can suggest is to just make sure you are having a really, really good time. Get rid of distractions, laugh with your friends, dance with the kids and your old aunties, look into your beloved’s eyes… the great moments will just be there.

Should I have an unplugged ceremony? 

You certainly can, because we have layers of plans in place to keep your photos safe.  If you choose not to, I recommend asking that guests remain in their seats, and guests in aisle seats keep their devices down and the aisle clear so as to not affect your photos (your officiant will usually be happy to make announcements like this), and encourage your immediate family to be with you fully by witnessing your union without distraction. If they are a shutterbug, I *so* get it, and I will happily take pictures of them happily taking pictures of you.