Colborne & Rachel’s Community Wedding in Edmonton

Rachel & Colborne were surrounded by so much love in their close knit community at Bethel Community Church for their vows earlier this spring. Their reception was simple and fun, focussing on fellowship, laughter, and the bright future ahead of them.

I love looking back at photos when you can’t help but see the pure excitement and deep affection between two people, and these folks just radiated joy and love! You gotta love a teary groom reaction when he sees his bride for the first time, and Rachel was just beaming throughout the day.

I had the gauntlet laid down for me to find unique photo locations within 10 minutes of their Northeast Edmonton church, so a big thanks to Sunstar Nurseries for letting us park and photograph the family and wedding party across the road, and take photos in the apple blossoms. We found two more beautiful country lanes; Rachel and I picked the same spot on our separate scouting trips!  Do scroll to the bottom to check those out, because Rachel was as radiant as radiant gets.

You might not know it from the cloudless sky, but it was actually a day with some environmental challenges for photography, so thanks again to the couple, the wedding party  and the families for being awesome! It was SUPER windy, and the ladies put up with their hair and dresses getting tossed around without complaint. It’s extra challenging when the wind and the sun work at cross purposes, and  picking the best light for photos works against having the prevailing wind at a less interruptive angle, but everyone was patient and chill and we got ‘er done! In addition, that strong spring sun… even though we focussed on staying in the shade for nearly all of the photos, just 10-15 minutes in bright sun was enough to give some of the bridal party folks a slight burn, so now I will be adding golf umbrellas to my wedding day kit!

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